MOS Cafe was conceptualised as a flagship cafe that caters to the lifestyle of our customers.

Whether for breakfast or lunch, during a shopping break or just a day out with friends, our intention is to create a welcoming space that anyone can relax in and enjoy.

The space is designed to be bright, and is based on soothing greens and wood grain.

The MOS Cafe menu is also specially put together, driven by a “fresh” concept - using lots of fresh vegetables and fruits. The menu is made up of original Cafe items as well as items carefully curated from the MOS Burger menu.

  • QUINOA & GRAINS SALAD Have a balanced healthy meal with this salad. Full of healthy quinoa, black rice and brown rice. Topped with egg salad and vine tomatoes. Flavorful and fresh.
  • CRISPY CHICKEN SALAD Juicy, tender crispy chicken paired with healthy mesclun salad and vine tomatoes. Full of texture and bite in every mouthful.
  • SPECIAL FRUIT TEA (HOT/COLD) A MOS special made with eight different fruits!
  • VEGETABLE SMOOTHIE A refreshing and delicious MOS Cafe Singapore original blended with vegetables and fruits.